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Fic: Atlantis by Tonia Barone

Here are the previous chapters plus the latest chapter of my fic.

Title: Atlantis
Author: toniabarone
Pairings: John/Rodney (so far), Radek/Other *whistles innocently* In the future...
Rating: PG13
Spoilers: Depends on episode--assume whole series
WIP: Yep
Summary: Stargate Atlantis from the view of Atlantis, the city.

Chapter 1: Children
Chapter 2: Settling In
Chapter 3: Love Thy Children
Chapter 4: Sanctuary
Chapter 5: Caring For Others
Interlude 1: Radek
Chapter 6: Subterfuge
Chapter 7: TLC
Interlude 2: Radek and Rodney
Chapter 8a: The Coming Storms
Chapter 8b: Resistance
Chapter 8c: Crescendo
Chapter 8d: Climax
Chapter 9a: Dangerous Excursions

Here is an Interlude that takes place sometime after "Siege 3" but before "Intruder". I'll be adding it, officially, to the fic as an Interlude as soon as I get around to the time frame.
Dreaming of You

And now Chapter 9b: Battle On.
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