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Fic: Atlantis Interlude 3

And here we have it, boys and girls. *pauses* Are there any guys in this fandom? Other than mice1900, anyway. Huh. Anyway.

Title: Atlantis
Author: Tonia Barone
Rating: Adult for, well, adult situations. Or, well, implied situations.
Spoilers: Defiant One, duh
Disclaimer: Gods, I wish they were mine. If so, not only with the following be actual canon, it would have had screen time and it would have been a helluva lot longer and with a HELLUVA lot more detail of the smutty kind.
Notes: Thanks ever so to jakisbishlygay for the beta and everyone else for not killing me in the meantime.
Summary: Heart-to-snark and fourteen and a half hours until they get home.

Link to my journal, where the fic lives.
Tags: fic
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