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Fic: Atlantis Interlude 3

And here we have it, boys and girls. *pauses* Are there any guys in this fandom? Other than mice1900, anyway. Huh. Anyway.

Title: Atlantis
Author: Tonia Barone
Rating: Adult for, well, adult situations. Or, well, implied situations.
Spoilers: Defiant One, duh
Disclaimer: Gods, I wish they were mine. If so, not only with the following be actual canon, it would have had screen time and it would have been a helluva lot longer and with a HELLUVA lot more detail of the smutty kind.
Notes: Thanks ever so to jakisbishlygay for the beta and everyone else for not killing me in the meantime.
Summary: Heart-to-snark and fourteen and a half hours until they get home.

Link to my journal, where the fic lives.
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Atlantis Alive! fic list -- first try

Here's toniabarone's list of Atlantis-as-a-character fics:

1. Penelope Waitingby miss_porcupine (G)

2. The World According to Rover by Orithain and Rina (NC-17)

3. Fic100 list done in Atlantis POV by mistokitt (G)

4. Video, Killed by Davechicken (G)

5. Open Eyes by hermioneorourke (R)

6. Come into Being by Dharma (NC-17)

7. Cursed by golden starfish (R)

8. Make Yourself At Home by janedavitt (G)

9. Land Shark by basingstoke (PG) [Not strictly Atlantis, but as it deals with an AI puddle jumper, it counts]

10. Late at Night by spacedmonkey (G)

11. Learning to Breathe by cesperanza (PG)

12. More Things in Heaven and Earth by mousewitchy

13. Three's A Crowd by burntsm0re (G)

14. Untitled by 20thcenturyvole (PG)

15. Rousing by crystalizelight (G)

16. Feel It Turn by kimera (G)

17. The Power of Love by wolfine (NC-17)

18. Kinda Like Seattle by southernwinds (PG)

19. The Hearts of Atlantis by kyrieane (PG)

20. As Time Goes By by rokeon (G)

21. Fluid Circulation by rokeon (G)

22. 400 Words about 4 Puddle Jumpers by wickedwords (G)

23. Preparation by wickedwords (PG)

24. The Wakening by magus_minor (PG)

25. A Wee Bit More Than Just A Hologram by scap3goat (G)

26. Pier Suite by kyrdwyn (G)

27. A Long, Long Sleep by saeva (G)

28. It Breathes by verstehen (PG)

29. Atlantis by Reona (G)

30. Whispered Voices by illman (PG)

31. Romantic Fortune by HyperCaz (G)

32. Depth Perception by eclectify (G)

33. Atlantis by Tonia Barone (PG-13)

34. Ancient Evil by Laura_trekkie (NC-17)

35. Alone In Your Mind by James (NC-17)

36. Happiness=Aiden by Jalabert (NC-17)

37. Something More by seperis (NC-17)

Tonia, I'm making you a co-mod of this group, so that if I get bit by RL again there'll be someone in control. Sorta.

I'm not sure about the format, here: I'm going to try massaging it a bit and get it into Excel so we can have a list sorted by author or title.

Here's an addition:
Title: The Mercy Seat
Author: Aleckto
Pairing(s): none
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: After Hotzone, but before Siege, so sometime late Season 1.
WIP?: Yes
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2608492/1/

I'm not entirely sure this will turn out to be a *sentient* Atlantis, but she's certainly up to something. Action-adventure-angst, mostly John & Rodney.
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Fic: Atlantis by Tonia Barone

Here are the previous chapters plus the latest chapter of my fic.

Title: Atlantis
Author: toniabarone
Pairings: John/Rodney (so far), Radek/Other *whistles innocently* In the future...
Rating: PG13
Spoilers: Depends on episode--assume whole series
WIP: Yep
Summary: Stargate Atlantis from the view of Atlantis, the city.

Chapter 1: Children
Chapter 2: Settling In
Chapter 3: Love Thy Children
Chapter 4: Sanctuary
Chapter 5: Caring For Others
Interlude 1: Radek
Chapter 6: Subterfuge
Chapter 7: TLC
Interlude 2: Radek and Rodney
Chapter 8a: The Coming Storms
Chapter 8b: Resistance
Chapter 8c: Crescendo
Chapter 8d: Climax
Chapter 9a: Dangerous Excursions

Here is an Interlude that takes place sometime after "Siege 3" but before "Intruder". I'll be adding it, officially, to the fic as an Interlude as soon as I get around to the time frame.
Dreaming of You

And now Chapter 9b: Battle On.
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