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atlantis_alive's Journal

Atlantis Alive! The City in Stargate: Atlantis
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This is a community for discussion, episode analysis, fiction, art, icons, music vids, and links related to the idea that the city of Atlantis as depicted in Stargate:Atlantis is itself/herself/zirself a character.

For now, the definition of "character" is broad and inclusive. You may include stories/discussions where the humans merely treat Atlantis as "alive", though it isn't; or ones where it has a mind but not a personality; or ones where it is a computer inhabited by an outside mind or personality; etc., as well as stories where Atlantis hirself has a full personality and POV.

The mod encourages the use of alternative pronouns when discussing Atlantis' POV. I personally am used to ze (equiv. to he/she) and hir (=his/her), but use whatever works for you.

At present posts are unmoderated.